Some people are still sceptical of the impact of social media on business. It reminds me of back in the early days of the internet when businesses turned up their noses at the idea of actually doing business on the internet - a decade and a half on and purchases made online are burgeoning.

Anyway, I have two teenage sons. In the old days, they might have tried to earn a quid washing cars, doing a paper round, babysitting or maybe even working in Maccas. But they're making $800 a month while they sleep!

How so? The internet of course. YouTube to be precise - that's what Google pay them for the ads on their channel. $800 a month - sounds ridiculous I know. But they have one video with over 1.5 million views and another with over 600,000. What are they posting videos of? Marble runs!!!

A few hours having fun building, videoing and editing every few weeks and a new video keeps the subcribers coming back and the advertising revenue coming in.

Can't see either of my two young entrepreneurs taking a minimum wage to flip burgers at Maccas anytime soon! They really do have the world at their feet...