There's been a lot of press in recent months about some organisations canning their traditional annual or bi-annual performance review processes in favour of a more real-time coaching model. And there have been mixed opinions as to whether this is just a fad and also as to whether managers are capable of providing effective feedback on a real time basis.

The attached article about Amazon's workplace culture makes an interesting read and demonstrates some of the challenges in implementing an effective feedback, coaching and performance management system.

What is even more interesting is commentary I read from Dr Bob Murray of Fortinberry Murray:

"The current edition of the excellent journal Biological Psychiatry is largely devoted to the subject of PTSD—posttraumatic stress disorder. There are articles on its etiology, development and pointers to new treatments."

"The Amazon-style constant-feedback program... is apparently a prime example. Anything that makes employees nervous, on edge or frightened over a long period of time can lead to this extreme stress disorder. The increasing fear of unemployment can also do it."

Check out the Amazon article below - it makes a very interesting read...