New research out of QUT now provides evidence of the disadvantage that new home buyers are under, compared with those purchasing existing properties. But the key message is that infrastructure charges are a direct hit to affordability generally.

The study finds that for each $1.00 of infrastructure charge, all house prices in Brisbane increase by $3.95. Broken down, new house prices increase by $4.69, existing houses by $3.56 and vacant lot prices increase by $1.69. On this basis, when the standard $28,000 infrastructure charge imposed on developers flows through the housing market and wider community it will add as much as $131,320 to the price of new home and $99,680 to existing houses. That's a whole lot more to pay on a 30 year mortgage!

While stamp duty is widely seen as a source of evil when it comes to housing affordability, this study shows that infrastructure charges are not far behind!