While its still a new concept for some, more and more Government bodies are now exploring the benefits of unsolicited or "market led" proposals. The article below provides a great explanation for those who aren't yet familiar with the concept.

I recall one newly elected Premier in recent times looking puzzled when I asked if unsolicited bids would be considered in their policy development. Thankfully, that Premier and many other Governments have come to the understanding that of how the process can progress the creation of much needed infrastructure in innovative ways, at a time when budgets are strained.

It makes sense that all levels of Government ensure they have an unsolicited bids process in place and are actively inviting the private sector to put forward proposals that meet the objectives of Government and provide much needed infrastructure for our communities.

The next step is to remove the stigma that these sort of proposals are only associated with multi-billion dollar projects, think roadways or city shaping developments. The same benefits of innovation and meeting Government service objectives can occur at smaller project levels.