Well President Trump, not really.  This morning my colleagues and I spent time with the senior leadership of one of our clients working through the implications of cloud computing for how they were likely to do business in the future.  We were professionals and business people, not IT geeks or dare I say it Albert Einsteins.  We were sincere in exploring opportunities for growth through new technologies that none of us, if we were brutally honest, fully comprehend.  However, if we are serious about growing our businesses, however little we understand technology, good business leaders take digital transformation seriously and are working on plans with others who know more, to transform their business.  These are the businesses that are growing.

It may be comfortable to hark back to an imaginary time when everything was "great" and steam engines drove industry.  However, as no doubt the President's Defence Scientists are telling him now, building your business around the technology of the steam age opens the door to disruption at best and annihilation at worst.

And (spoiler alert Advertorial coming) if you want to figure it out with someone else, we are here ;-)