The festive season has hit full stride and all are hurriedly finishing work, attending events with family and friends, eating and drinking too much, and in the midst of it, retailers are doing their best to separate us from our hard earned. They are not the only ones!  So too, the cyber criminals are expecting another bumper festive season, separating you from your own or your companies hard earned dollars.

There is a ramp up in SPAM malware campaigns designed to catch you out in a moment of "I'm busy and just need to get it done", "I had better get it done because the CEO is away until February" or perhaps nursing a hangover and just not paying attention. Campaigns targeting the important holiday items are well in flight: bills, services and parcels have all been caught up.  Just this past week we have seen brandjacking on Australia Post, Citylink, EnergyAustralia, MYOB, and Xero.

This festive season, take a moment to not get caught out and reduce the risk of being tricked by dodgy brandjacking email with these few simple steps:

  • Keep an eye out for emails that ask you to open or download files or ask you to respond with personal or account details - just don't do it!
  • Many scam or SPAM emails will have spelling or grammatical mistakes, read it twice to be sure, if in doubt bin it!
  • Be careful about requests that ask you to work around existing controls when key people are on holiday.
  • Do not click on web links in messages from unknown or suspicious senders.
  • If in doubt about the sender, call the organisation directly from a number you have obtained from their legitimate web site address which you typed directly into your browser.

The steps above will help protect you and your organisation.  For additional insights in managing the cyber risk click here.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and safe festive season.